Monday, April 10, 2006

The journey begins. $4000 in cash and 3 HUGE bags full of things for the home for the orphans. A heart ready to learn and grow. I thank you for sharing this journey. Specal thanks to Erika and Schmidl for the lift to the airport. Bags were accepted with minor adjustments...the packing team of Sheri, Tera and Erika really had it perfected. Not one ounce more would have been accepted. Here we go. Donna from Amsterdam layover


ErikaK said...

An amazing person on an amazing journey! Our love and prayers go with you!
Tha Johnson Family

anthony hulsebus said...

You are covered in the blood of Jesus and the power of his name. Do what He did..."heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, preach the good news to the poor" there is always a special grace to be bold when you are in foreign things you never would do!

Harvey Family said...

Wow, $4000 in a week and stuff, stuff, and more stuff! Just goes to show you that one person CAN make a difference! You are an incredible woman, Donna, and we can't wait to see how God will use you on this trip. Be sure to sing to the children!
Our love, the Harveys

Laurie S. said...

Donna, I am beyond words as I contemplate what you are doing and have done. Many talk of helping, you just do. May God bless and guide you, your hosts and those precious children--God's children--on this truly amazing journey.

Laurie Schulte

PatKnight said...

Hello dear one,

Thank you for the updates. I am reading them. It keeps me praying.
I am amazed that the timing of this trip was during the anniversary of the massacre. That is no coincidence.

Like I have said, this is your "first" may you capture a vision for what God wants you to do in the future.

After reading your e-mails, I want to come join you. I want to see the joy of the children when they get a present...I want to hold the little babes who don't have a mom and tell them that they will have a good future, I want to help them plant grass...

Thank you for responding to this "nudge" from the Lord to go to a distand land...your obedience will be blessed!!

This is my 2nd attempt at leaving a message, so lets hope this works.
Love Pat and family