Saturday, April 22, 2006

4.16.06 EASTER!!!!! 9:08pm Sitting at the table. Exhausted. The girls got up to go to Early Easter services with Sieba. They looked smart in their new-from-America Sunday best. Chantal, Mbanda and Eddie came to pick me up. Chantal and Mbanda oohed and ahhed over my fancy Easter dress. Chantal had retained her lesson on the hat. She did an awesome job. Even Mbanda was wowed by her creation on top of my head. We made quite the stir at Church. This was a much fancier church than the others that we had been too. It was the cathedral. It had full size pews and an altar. I loved the cross. It was made of florescent light tubs, like you would find in any office in America. Two were stacked vertically to make the line...and on flanked each side to make the cross...expect one was burned out....but you get the idea. Chantal encouraged me to move upfront and video the singers. Everywhere I moved heads turned. The place was large, perhaps just a bit smaller than St. Olaf. The church was packed. As usual, the kids came to watch the video screen on my tiny camera as the action unfurled. Two choirs sang and there were small kids doing liturgical dance. When the service opened, they asked for visitors to stand. About a 1/2 dozen of us did so. The congregation sang a welcoming song and clapped. Apparently the minister made some comment about my smart dress and hat as many people turned to see Chantal’s creation. The service lasted about 2 hours with lots of singing. I brought my bible along so I was able to follow the readings. Of course, I didn't need my bible to tell me the message...HE IS RISEN! Indeed. Mbanda discretely leaned into my ear and quietly translated the sermon. Kindness is built into the fiber of this family. I later learned that he preached here last week. Will this couple ever cease to surprise me? Of all the people in all of Africa that I could have been connected to, God has surely blessed me beyond measure to be in their care. To think that one email sent into the vast internet would be directed to such people is beyond humbling. I had the pleasure of meeting many more members of their family. Moms, cousins, Aunties…all gathered to celebrate Easter.

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