Sunday, April 16, 2006

Good Friday 8:25 pm. By candlelight and headlamp. Writing is a bit more challenging as I did a REALLY bad job on the mosquito netting tonight. It basically drapes over my entire body including my face. I know now what a fish must feel like when you pull it out of the water. I played with the kids for hours today. We played, sang koom-bye-ya…finally a song I thought I could teach them. We decided we should get some outside time too…so out to the yard we went. Fabulola insisted that the stomp rocket come along too. Doesn’t take a common language to know when I child really wants something. The workers who are installing some paver stones around the home found great humor in the invention too. Sabrina & Dolenay decided the rockets best served as things to chew one. Try as I may to chase after them and retrieve them…their teeth had an immovably tight grip on them. Fabiola was content with the remaining two rockets to launch. She mastered them as many of the kids from the Abbott hood have. They giggled and giggled with each launching. A young mom with a baby strapped to her they all are, entered thought the open gate. The other child with her was fascinated with it. I encouraged her to give it a whirl. Minimal stomp. Minimal height. Bummer. But with perseverance comes success… eventually she got it launched to the cheers of the crowd. And yes, Viking Football was enjoyed by all again today. Turns out the woman with the two children had come to see if Chantal would take in the older child. She explained the process. Only orphans. No others. The woman quickly changed her story. To orphan...but alas she was sent away. The workers are making great progress on the pathe around the home. Toiling with beautiful precision. Every day their tools and clothes remain the same. But, they advance…slowly and steadily. Eventually Eddy and Chantal arrived, I broke out the PBJ…ahh. Yum. I hadn’t had one in over 10 years…I remember it fondly then and now. Then off for her afternoon errands. She showed me the ground breaking for the next “home” Workers were digging the foundation with simple shovels. Load by load. Some friends in Dallas raised the $50,000 needed for the home. Chantal’s grandmas occupied the lands, so they just carved out a portion for the home. We visited grandma who was in bed returning home from eye surgery. She raised her head from the bed to say hello. The people greet people with a traditional handshake –although much less firm – the other hand reaches across the elbow out of respect. She greeted me this way. I do it to all the people. It’s lovely sign of respect. Her home is simple. A sitting room with one cabinet, some photos hang on the wall above it. There are some perfectly kept hand made doilies that cover the small coffee table in front of the couch. The Grandma’s bedroom also contains another bed for the parents and children I think. That bed had a very pronounced sag in the middle. Did I mention VERY pronounced. My back ached at the thought of sleeping in it. Behind the door hung about 3-4 changes of clothing. All that is needed in this blissfully simple life. I think about the stacks that fill my closets to overflowing and I makes me sick. Some more photos of the excavation and we were off. I told her I would try to find someone to help make a website for the homes. So I am taking a lot of photos. I know what you’re thinking…I’d be taking that many photos anyway...and you’re right. We did a few errands and dropped off Eddie. Chantal then drove me to the Genocide Museum It takes about and 1.5 hours to go through it...we were time pressed… More to come….sorry for the typos…typing as fast a humanly possible.


Bella said...

Happy Easter from Cathy, Bella and the Meyer Family. Thought of you in church today. Glad to see you writing. Miss you, be safe, enjoy the rest of your trip!

Luke T. said...

Hello. My mom says hi.

Luke T. said...

Happy Easter Donna. We love you and are so proud of you! Can't wait to hear all the stories.

-Luke, Ali, Joel, Marcia, And Bandit
P.S. The last post by me was weird and i didn't know what to write so i wrote that. :)

karad said...

max h wonders if you've taught them to play hide and seek? we sang and prayed for you in Church on Easter and can't wait to have you home again. We miss you and hope you are staying mosquito bite free! xooxoxo

harvey family said...

Hi Donna
We are enjoying your stories. What an experience! You are amazing to send birthday& Easter wishes from across the world! Thank you. Can't wait to see photos. Be safe and enjoy your week! PS - Interesting St. Olaf news... PASTOR Mark Pavlik!? Wow.
The Harvyes

BetsyWied....Huss said...

Thanks for taking the time to write. It is pretty amazing about the priest and how all things work together. God is truly an AMAZING God!!! Keeping you and the kids in our prayers.
Take care,