Friday, July 27, 2012

Back to see the kids

I am heading back to Rwanda next week to see our kids.
There has been so much change since Harvin and I left in April.

We have sold the 3 homes and moved the kids to a new rental home near SonRise School and very close to Chantal and Mbanda. We then broke ground on a new big piece of property where we will be able to plant crops, add our cows and build one big home.

We broke ground in the belief that the last $50,000 will come in time to finish in April.

That's a lot of change for the kids but all for the better as we try to make ourselves more self sustaining.

Work schedules abruptly changed my end of August trip to now, so lots of scurrying around to get ready to roll.

More as I get "home" to Rwanda.