Friday, August 05, 2011

The simple gifts of love and laughter

The house awakens at 6ish to the sound of the nearby rooster. It’s not a slow stirring. The rooster crows, the floors start to be washed from stem to sterm, the kid start giggling and the approaching it with the zest that comes of youth.

I visited some friends down the road while the kids were bathing. There are 4 impoverished homes with very simple means all living together in a sort of community with a shared dirt yard. The kids saw me coming down the road and immediately starts screaming my name as they came running. Together we went to the compound to greet the mama’s and other kids. There is no common language among us to it’s up to me to deliver my best Kinyarwanda. It’s much easier when I bring one of the big kids with me to translate, but it’s fun to just wander.

A quick trip to the Mayor’s office to greet other friends there. Most were gone, but Jimmy was happy to see me as he spent a lot of time with me while we processed one of the many layers of paperwork to advance my cause of citizenship.

We had a very productive class today. We played hangman for about 1.5 hours and then I did the next round of lessons. The middle kids that are in the neighborhood school now join them so it’s truly a one room classroom.

I took a little o snooze while they had lunch.

The afternoon was spent skyping with lots of friends. Each skype call brings a new set of friends for our kids. Marie Rose has been really want to skype with Rebecca and FINALLY it happened today. Rebecca from New Hope Homes was able to skype with her sisters in the states, (Different Rebecca’s). The kids loved seeing their brother and sister Erica and Eric from Colorado, They got to talk to Holly twice. 6 year old Danny Harvey and his little brother were quite a hoot. Great soccer conversations were had with Ian, Kristen and Kate. Ian has a great rivalry with Ian has he is a Arnsel’s fan and our boys are Chelsea fan. Isaac was wearing a Chelsea shirt to Ian ran to quickly change and put on his Arsenal’s shirt….and so goes our sweet life here with people around the world showing them how much they are loved and they are never along.

We also have some wonderful news to report. Desami…the twin that can’t yet walk due to some very challenged feet is now able to crawl….and might I saw at lightening speed. He can also stand up with someone holding without crying. This is HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE for me. We need to continue his therapy and continue to pray that he will one day be able to walk and run like his twin brother. Deborah…our girls with CP is also doing really well. I did a game yesterday where they had to mirror me….hand on head, toes, knees up etc etc…she kept perfect time with ease. We love our little girl who has such a big heart. I do believe that one day she will speak too.

Counting our blessings.

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