Tuesday, August 09, 2011

A most amazing ending to my day.

A morning walk to the soko (the produce market) is a nice way to start the day. And again, hello to the people in charcoal market, then a pass through my neighorhood friends, then to the major’s office to say hello, past the bike taxi’s ..whoops wait…a former guard from New Hope Homes is one of the bike taxi drivers so we had a nice visit. Finally to the market.

For some unexpected reason the market was rather small today. Still huge, but smaller than normal. Never seen it like this, but I greeted all my friends as I walk through it. I have taken many photos there and usually bring them back as a gift to thank them. I didn’t bring any this time so I was in a trouble with a few people. I tried my best to say Christmas, but it was to no avail. Then to my friend Eugene the tailor for a hello. The journey takes times as I greet them.

I was simply in search of 2 pineapples. You haven’t had pineapple until you have had it here. I think I could live on it. Juicy doesn’t even begin to describe it.

The regular price is about 300-400 francs – about 70 -80 cents per. They wanted 500 francs from me. I told her it was a Moozoongo price and wanted it for 400. After much negotiation I lost my battle and looked for another. Alas, I had to return and pay the 500. I still feel good as they usually get at least 1000 from the white people, but I have not yet local status. ☺

We had a tough class today. Hard hard questions. The great part is the kids love it when it’s hard! They really strive to do their best and when they finish first they seek extra credit questions. It’s a joy to teach these children of ours.

The other priorities for the day were measuring feet and clothes sizes. As you can imagine, with 29 kids, it takes forever. More to do tomorrow, but we are making progress. The kids are growing so quickly so we are trying to keep up.

Auntie Jacki played wonderful games with the little kids this afternoon. She and all of the aunties are simply gifts to these kids. They work so hard with wash and cleaning, yet still find time to make the kids know they are loved.

The best part of my day came tonight. Deborah, our little girl with Cerebral Palsy said my name. And once she said it, she didn’t stop. It was like a chorus of angels singing to me as she really doesn’t speak. She is such a happy girl, always running and playing and smiling but hasn’t yet found her voice at about age 5ish. SOOOOOO, you can imagine my shear joy when she spoke. My day and year is complete.

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