Saturday, August 06, 2011

Saturday in Rwanda.

The kids woke early and decided to sit in the bedroom next to mine to chat about life. I love listening to them talk to their brothers and sisters about life. Giggling and just waking to the mornings possibilities.

I joined them and we continued our random chat about life from America, to Rwanda to Soccer etc etc. They were all curious when I was going to leave them to attend a friends wedding. They were delighted when they heard it was in the evening.

Chantal arrived in town so I went for a visit with her. God bless this woman who cares for so many…her own kids in the states, our kids here and the thousands in Musanze. The desire to serve is so real in her heart, but it is so very taxing. Please keep her in your prayers.

We are also working towards our 2012 budgets and have yet to find a way to meet the needs of all 3 homes. It can be overwhelming if we really think about it. So for now we simple ask those of you that can help with any tax deductible donation we would be grateful. We promise to be wonderful stewards of every dollar. The easiest way to do it is on facebook, the next is There in ends my mini commercial.

Chantal and I got finished with errands and were greeted by Abby and the kids when we returned. As many of your know, Abby and our friend Sarah come over for a month about 4 years ago, and feel in love with Rwanda. They returned with me last August and now Abby has moved here as of Tuesday this week to teach and continue to uplift the country.

She is a gifted teacher and the kids LOVE LOVE LOVE when she comes to teach them as she really knows how to do it as opposed to me….who just makes it up as I go!

The kids love Abby and we love having her with us. She also discovered a hidden treasure of our District. Some American’s who make donuts one Saturday mornings near the produce market. She surprised the kids with a box of them to share today. YUM.

The afternoon was spent chilling, getting ready for the wedding and trying to find someone to drive us to Kibeho as I haven’t been able to reach John who drove me the last couple of times. We also had some fun skype calls again.

Chantal finally found someone who knew how to get there as it’s remote and not a common place to attend.

I had a lovely time at the wedding tonight. That was of course after I tried to attend 2 of the wrong ones. People kept directing me to places…so I would enter, greet the people and then mention the bride’s name. Oiya! Which means no. Then off to the the next one which they assured me was the correct space. As I was about to be seated I again asked to confirm…Oiya!. Oh now. Finally I was able to reach the bride’s brother who told me I was close…just down the road a bit. As I walked the dusty road to find the chapel, the parade of wedding cars passed me waving me onward. It was a beautiful and very special wedding. I hope to one day share the name of the bride as she is quite a famous author, but for now she has asked that I keep the confidence. Needless to say, it was a joy to be a part of such a blessing.

Returning home, I kids jumped out of bed and ran outside with Abby to greet me. That is of course, just after she had them settled down….ahh, the joys of camp like nights!

Tomorrow morning we are off to Kibeho. I pray that my heart will be ready to receive whatever it is intended to.

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