Monday, August 08, 2011

Patience and Love

Another trip to Immigration. And another delay. I met with ‘the boss’ who said again “it is complicated with you”. The final step to become a citizen involves proof that I have ‘invested in the country’. For them that means land or a home. I again, politely but firmly explain that I invest lots in money in the kids of new hope homes. My investment is in people not things. He said he understood, but again, it must to go ‘his boss.’ I love a good chain of command!

Rwanda is all about patience and I have much. Thus the journey continues. I am to call on Friday for an update, but then there will be ‘no progress’ until I return in December.

I met a wonderful woman “Lara’ when returning home from Rwanda in April. She is captivated by this country and has embarked on some very personal humanitarian work. She also wanted to meet a shop keeper and greet him for her. Rwanda is all about hospitality so it’s important to pass it forward. He had a very nice place and I will recommend it to future visitors.

I also had a wonderful visit again with the kids down the street from New Hope Homes. They come running full force screaming my name as I pass each time. Then I go down the hill to their homes, greet everyone and continue on my way. They are live such very simply lives, but they are well loved.

As I pass by the charcoal market each time, the women there yell for me to pass through. Again, I exit the street, go down a little hill. Greet them with my best Kinyarwanda and continue one. As you can see, getting around here is best taken with no sense for time, just leaving a good impression for other ‘moozoongos’ (white people) who will follow.

We skyped with The RiceCakes. My cousin whose kids like to play the guitar and sign for our kids. It’s fun how they have gotten to know each other and just ask questions. It was Abi’s bday a few days ago so our kids sang Happy Bday to her in English and Kinyarwanda. The kids also hoped to speak to Holly but she was in meetings. DJ is always good entertainment so they kids got him to dance. God bless him!

I taught school again and dialed up the difficulty factor. The 1st question was how many counties can you name? The winner was 30. How many can you name?

The rest of the day was spent just loving on the kids. It’s so important to ensure that each of them get arms wrapped around them in love each day. Held, nurtured, told they they are loved and assure them that they are safe. The little kids just melt in your arms and it’s so hard to let go as you know they would say there the whole day if you let them. The big kids love to play soccer and pass a volleyball around so I let them just be kids and try to give the smaller ones more time on this trip. At most times I have at least 5 on me. 2 on the lap. One on the legs, One on the back and one on the neck…with a couple more lined up saying ‘ my turn, my turn’ in Kinyarwanda.

Tonight I am again reminded what amazing children we are raising. The big kids are always helping with the little kids. This is especially true at bed time. Each much be bathed. Water must be carried in from a tank across the way and then the bucket is used to wash. The big kids are always helping carry water and finding clothes etc. For many, it was just a year or so ago when they had no place to live and no bucket to carry so the gift of New Hope Homes is a blessing indeed.

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