Friday, December 17, 2010


The day started early with Holly joining in the morning sweet time. Just hanging in their bedrooms while they ease into their day. The bunk beds create the framework for silliness, sweetness and just a simple purity that cannot be put into words.

Today they interviewed Holly about where she is from, what her hobbies are etc. Isaac is particularly wonderful during this time of day as he is a silly young boy. When he leaves the room he is one of the key responsible leaders of the kids coaching and teaching them, translating etc. He is a very serious boy who studies people very closely. But in the morning, he is just a boy sitting on the floor with his airplanes that he got for Christmas. He carefully takes each on from the original packaging that all kids in the states would have thrown away, but him it is a high tech suitcase.

We were sad today as it WAS supposed to be Holly’s last day. So in class the kids had to write things about what they loved about Holly etc. The day was wrapped around her departure so we spent the afternoon with all the kids in the 2nd/3rd compound playing, singing and just hanging out vs being the big kids at the 1st home.

We also took the time to minister to the Mommy and Aunties by painting their nails. They loved it. Thanks again Clarie’s for supplying us with such great things to bring here. A special moment for me was Kayetsi came to me and said “Missy Donna, I wash your feet.” I was surprised because that meant that she had to go haul a bucket of water to me, then get soap etc. I told her I was fine. She said, “No, I want to do this.” Ok was my response. As she tenderly washed my feet she said “ Missy Donna, I do not was your feet because they are dirty, I was them because I love you.” Ok, can you say melted heart!

Mommy and the Aunties thought is was so sweet too.

DJ continued his wonderful work on behalf of our kids by shoots wonderful shots and video. He took time to interview the kids and try to capture some of their stories. What a blessing he has been to us. And double that when you see that he usually has 2 kids in his arms and 3 looking over his shoulder at any point that he is shooting. Imagine try to pull the right focus etc with that much distraction and bumping. He handles it all in stride and blesses our kids in so many way now, I can’t imagine how he will bless us when his work is complete and so many more people get to know our story.

Wonderful skyping with such great sponsors of our kids. Thank you, the kids LOVE meeting you all.

So the twist in the story was as we were preparing our program for Holly’s departure she realized that her departure is Saturday night vs Tonight. The kids, Mommies and Aunties rejoiced over the news.

The evening closed down with watching Mulan with the projector. The evening movies prevent us from singing and dancing, but it’s a nice routine to settle down the house and give the Mommy, Aunties and Uncles time without a child under foot. It’s also time for them to chill if they can.

Bed time was great humor as always. Holly was a bit wired from the change of plans and the kids took full advantage of her energy.

Counting blessings from Rwanda.

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