Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Holly here again! It was a long day with the kids, but we managed to survive. They almost exhausted us, but us old folks won at the end.

Here are what today’s activities involved: • Classroom time with Holly • Donna takes Sandee and Issac on a field trip with her to the Immigration offices • Coloring • Classroom time with Donna (DJ + Holly go to town to run errands) • Soccer • Songs and exercises with the little kids • Lunch • Hide and Seek with all 27 kids • Relay Races with Holly • Skype with Donna’s friends • Girl time with Donna = Claire’s gifts galore • Boy time with Holly = DVD time • More skyping with Donna’s friends • More soccer and goofing around • Play time before dinner with the little ones • Dinner time • Popcorn making with Donna • Dance party with Holly and DJ

Phhewwww! What a day! Now the kids are sound asleep and we are on our way. Although the day was long, we had a lot of bonding time with the kids and it was a great day. Donna started her process with immigration to become a citizen. DJ got a TON of great candid footage of the kids and as for me….well, I happily played babysitter -- only a few tears, lots of laughs and hopefully sweet dreams.

Tomorrow is a field trip day for the adults only out to Rhungeri to visit Chantal and Mbanda (the Bishop) at their home. I’m looking forward to a scenic ride and seeing more of Rwanda countryside.

Until tomorrow……

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Sarah said...

I'll be praying that the citizenship status issues will be quickly aligned, that the great joy and precious memories will be deeply embedded in the hearts and minds of all of you there, and that the film footage will be just perfect for editing together and telling your stories!
Much love to all of you in Rwanda!