Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Celebrating Mbanda

Mornings in Rwanda are one of my many favorite things here. The bigs kids sleep at the house that we are in so when they begin to stir at 6:30 or so I go into their rooms and just chill. They are at their sweetest self then. Ready to see what the day brings and full of the wonder and blessing of waking up knowing they are loved, safe and in a blessed place. Today I chilled with the girls for a bit before the boys came in.

Kayitesi asked me “Missy Donna, what do you dream?” Wow ,what an amazing question. I told her that I dream that we raise enough money to send all the kids through a University and they they all achieve their fullest potential. I also told them I dream of building many more houses so we can help more kids. “This is a very good dream Missy Donna. I like your dream.”. Then the kids talked about their dreams. Sande wants to “be a big football (soccer player) so I can make lots of money and raise funds to the little kids can get to Sonrise Boarding School.” And so the stories went. Each filled my heart with such joy. These are indeed very fine children.

We said goodbye (for now) to the kids at 9:30 as Holly, DJ and I drove to Rhungeri to video where our big kids go to school at SonRise Boarding School. Mbanda had also asked that DJ take pictures of the Pastors and their wives who had gathered earlier in the day for meeting. Tonight was a HUGE party to celebrate that the Mbanda’s have moved into their new home in Rhungeri and Mbanda is officially active as Bishop. Nearly 600 people joined in the party. Lots of people came to help prepare the cow, potatoes, cassava etc. It definitely takes a village!

The party began with joy-filled singing by a wonderful choir who also did some traditional dancing. The court yard at the Mbanda’s home was filled to overflowing and all came to celebrate.

They played a fun game of answering questions about the church and winning prizes that Holly and I brought from NY. Purses, socks, watches etc. There was lots and lots of cheers and fun.

Bishop John and his wife joined in Bishop John was the prior Bishop to Mbanda and it was a pleasure to finally meet him as he is so well known around the world for his work here.

We drive back in the morning and hope to get some more wonderful pics of the country that clearly lives up to it’s name as the Land of 1000 hills.

Time is passing too quickly and I want to put a halt to it. Trying to be present to the present day blessings.


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