Friday, April 03, 2009


Thanks for your patience as I haven't updated my blog in quite some time. My heart still lives in Rwanda while I continue my work in NY. The kids are doing well. Chantal visited the 4 big kids in Boarding School and returned with a terrific report. I've updated our website with new photos and plan to keep at it doing it over the next few months. Next up is to begin the process of editing the videos. We've also entered into the brave new technology of being able to make online donations via the website, this blog and our new page on facebook. We pray that our investment will make it much easier for those who are able to contribute in this very challenging economy. Monday marks the 15th anniversary of the genocide. I am doing an interview that morning to kick off our fundraising efforts. Our focus will be on building the next home so another 10 kids will have the opportunity to thrive. I ask for your prayers that we'll bring more people to help with our work via prayers, expertise, personal visits and if possible financial commitments. If you are facebook...go to the top right corner and type New Hope Homes, Rwanda and become 'a fan.' More over the next 100 days as we reflect on the transformation of the country post genocide.

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