Thursday, April 09, 2009

GREAT Report Cards

Chantal and Mbanda Skyped me late this afternoon to tell me the kids got their grades and WHOO HOO, they all did well. Here's the report. 1st, the kids going to school near that homes in Kigali Marie Rose #2 in her class a 94.9%! 2 years ago, she was eating beans and potatoes from the garden and weighed just 28 pounds at 4 years old. Innocent is #4 on his class with 92.7% Kayetesi/Peace is #17 which is still GREAT in a class of 30. -------- Now for our 4 adventures that are in their 1st semester at Boarding School. This is their 1st time away from New Hope Homes and we only get to visit 1x a month, so we were thrilled that this advanced school is yielding great results. Lionel (1st grade) is #2 in his class with 96.6%. He will be moving immediately to 2nd grade when they get back from Easter break. Issac (3rd grade) is #16 with 81.5% Fabiola (2nd grade) is #6 with 95.6% Sande is (2nd grade) #32 with 86.8% How exciting is this? We THANK their sponsors who have sacrificed much to pay for their schooling. This is great news especially if you think about what was happening in the country just 15 years ago. 3rd day of the genocide. Deathtoll would add another 10,000 people. As a reminder, we are looking to quickly assemble come care packages for the kids to be shipped in Early May, We need back packs 1 Nice pair of shoes and 1 nice outfit for each child Some cough and cold medicine for the kids. Let me know if you can help. Email me at Blessings and Love. Donna

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Unknown said...

We are so proud of all of the kids! We can't wait to see you all again this summer and introduce you to our kids, who pray for you.
Fabiola ~ We are SO proud of YOU!!! The strong girl that we continue to pray for is doing just as we expected. As we lay our heads to rest each night we pray for you to have a great day. In the mornings we stand waiting at the bus and pray for the day ahead. You are mentioned and your ability to adjust to your new school and do well in your studies is prayed for by Chas and Elliott. Reading this warms our hearts to know that the Lord has heard our prayers and answered. Press on sweet girl!

Donna, You know that we would like to provide anything that Fabiola needs. Please let us know. We will be going to RW in July and can take things then too.