Sunday, April 12, 2009

Current Needs for our Kids in Rwanda.

We're trying to quickly assemble care packages for our kids in Rwanda. We welcome your participation if you able to help assemble one of more pieces of our care packages. Please reply on facebook to New Hope Homes, Rwanda or Our next care package for the kids in Rwanda. Can you help?Share Today at 7:07pm | Edit Note | Delete We are trying to create a care packages for our sweet kids in Rwanda. As time goes by we realize that we need to have quality clothes and shoes as the dirt road really tear up the shoes. Each of the kids now have about 3-4 sets of clothes and Chantal would like each of them to have one nice outfit for church. Thus we are looking for quality shoes and one nice outfit per child. Additionally we are gathering up quality backpacks as the ones purchased locally are only lasting 3 months. I will do one shipment from MN and one from NY to Colorado for Chantal and Mbanda’s kids who are going to bring them with them. All packages need to be to Colorado by May 3rd. Here’s the master list of needs. Needs: Backpacks: 7 for boys. 14 for girls. Clothes Remember, all clothes are handwashed in bucket so please consider durability and lack of irons. Name Sex Shoe Size Clothes size Age Dorcas F 6 5T 2.5 Ester F 11 5 6 Nshimiye M 11 6/7 4 Alice F 9 5 4 Sunday M 3 10 10 Kayitesi F 13 10 7 Lionel F 1 7 8 Isaac M 2 10 8 Innocent M 1 7 5 Sarah F Under 12 month 12 month to 18month. Ingabire F 5 2T 1 Deborah F 6 4T 3 Silvie F 8 4T 2 Dorine F 10 6 5 Marie F 13 6 7 Betty F 10 6 3 Fabiola F 13 8 8 Kagabo M 12 5 5 Mwami M 9month old 9 month Desami M 9month old 9 month Desami M 9month old 9 month (yes, there are twin boys with the same name) Prince M 8 4 2 Kwizera M 2T 9 month Caria F 2T 1year Rebecca F 6 4T 2 years Mbabazi F 5 4T 2 years Ariane F 6 5XS 2 1/2 Backpack for Girl – 14 needed Back pack for Boy – 7 needed Nice pair of shoes for one of the kids above (list name) 1 nice outfit for one of the kids above (list name) cold, cough or flu medicine for kids. Let me know if you want to ship your directly to Colorado or to NY or MN. You can see the photos of each child on the main website: Thank you for reaching out in love to our kids. Donna

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I visited one of the New Hope Homes in Rwanda in the Fall of 2008 and had a presentation about it at the high school I attended here in Atlanta, GA called The Lovett School. The class that I presented to made tons of beautiful, lamenated flash cards for the kids and school supplies as well. I wanted to know if you could tell me how to get this box to them, thanks so much, Hallie