Thursday, December 26, 2013

Rwanda Bound

Thanks to all the people that filled up Santa's sleigh!  I am in route to Rwanda with all your love to make a perfect Christmas. The kids are always so curious about who the people are the love them so much from places to far away from them.  

Harvin, Norbert and a bunch of kids from my neighborhood in Mpls help load the bags today. The send off was so special. 

We are still looking to help provide with  education fund for Prince for the 2014 school year starting in January. If you know of anyone or a group of friends that could pool your funds please email me at 

The other big need is to replace our van that finally went to van heaven about 4 months ago. We current have zero transportation to drive the kids to their various places like school, doctor, church etc. Thus we need to hire a van and driver each time. We need to get these costs off our plate. A used 18 passenger van is $32k. We have raised about $15k so making progress.  

Will post when I get to the kids tomorrow. 

Blessing and again my thanks. 


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