Sunday, December 29, 2013

Craft Day in Preparation for Christmas

The house is full of nonstop energy as of 6 AM each da. At the latest. They stir and immediately begin their day filled with glee.  The “little’s” a bit more than the “middles” or “big kids”, but each group and each person finds their way to express their joy in another day filled with safety, secured and endless love.

I decided to sleep in like a lazy bum until 8:30. They gave me endless grief for sleeping the day away. Did I mention it was 8:30 AM!  Not quite a total slacker.

After some fun on the basketball court and tramp we began a discussion about what we could do for the Aunties, Uncles and Mama/Daddy for Christmas. On my last trip the kids told me that one of their former Aunties had taught them to knit scarves.  I bought some needles and yarn to surprise them. They quickly decided who should have which color and began their labor of love.  I only brought 3 sets of needles so Peace, MarieRose and Esther got to it.

The boys then wanted in on the adventure to I brought out the obsession of US kids at this time. The rainbow loom.  They decided Mama, Daddy, Erica, the Aunties, Uncles should all have bracelets. As you can imagine the project then became and all day one.

It’s fun when all the big kids just hang together and chat with me rather than racing all over the place. 

I snuck away and took a 20 mins nap in the middle of the project. The kids then accused me of sleeping all the time.  I tried to explain the past 2 weeks I had been to Rome, Singapore, Dubai, Toronto, NY and Minneapolis.  They said…well you are here now and it’s 2pm here – with a get over it attitude -  so you should be away. I tried to explain that I get very little sleep when I am at work and when sleeping on planes. They really didn’t seem to care as I was now with them and I should be awake not sleeping.  Ok, so I will try.

The rain came as usual in the afternoon but not before we had time to play hide and seek, duck duck goose, and simon says with the little’s.

Chantal came by for a visit with a friend of hers from Colorado – Kari.

The evening movie tonight was Herbie the love bug.  A classic.

I usually save movie night for the last 2 nights that I am here, but decided what the heck – go wild.  Enjoy it. Nothing better than a bunch of kids out of their fresh bathing all cuddled up butt to butt to watch a movie projected on the wall.  Ya, I’m selfish because I get lots of cuddles.

Following dinner the little’s marched off to bed and the middles/bigs set up the gently used computers that my dear colleagues donated.  They are so excited to give them a whirl. Tomorrow they will use them for some practice on keyboard and English.

Most of the movies we watch are animated for the adults – who don’t speak any English really like it when they are real people.  They kept coming in to watch the movie as they were prepping for dinner so we asked them after the movie had finished if they wanted to watch it after the kids had gone together. They loved the idea and are currently watching it now. Thankfully it’s really a visual story. 

Sande is hanging with me while I type this hoping that my modem will work and I can get on the internet and check the current chealsea football scores.  He acts like he enjoys handing with me, but I now he’s just yearing for an internet connection…. J  He is reading this as I type…

Tomorrow is church all morning and then decide when we will do Christmas for the kids.

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