Sunday, August 12, 2012

This trip comes to an end.


The last two days have been so jam packed that there was not time to blog.
For those who have been to New Hope Homes, you understand the nonstop nature of the everyday life when you are one person.

We’ve had treasured time together.

I was able to update the sizes and Christmas wish lists for the kids. This is a huge feat. Try to imagine working with 29 kids age 2.5 to 12 to properly measure their foot size noting current and estimating for growth. I was working from a master list of year ago and each of the older kids had to know how much bigger their feet are now. There was surely a sense of pride. I took the kids in alphabetical order which made for lots of tears from the little kids as they kept coming up and saying “me, me” thinking I was going to forget about them. I tried to point out their names on the list, some understood and skipped off the other just wept until I got to them in the sequence.

Next trying to sort top and bottoms. Fabiola, was a huge help with measuring feet and Innocent was awesome at checking size tags. Of course about ½ the tags didn’t have sizes that were visible or they were simple things like small or large which doesn’t help in the process. In each of those cases the child would need to go to their small clothes cube and bring me something else that fits., then we would check for tags. The process goes on and on.

Fabiola was especially happy to see that her foot was big enough to move to the adult foot measuring system.

Then each of them would give me an idea of a small gift that they would love for Christmas. Last year was the first year we were able to do a real Christmas for the kids where everyone got a lovely hand made bag by Deb and inside a pair of shoes, underwear, a small toy and a new outfit. We hope to be able to do the same this year. I explained to the kids that I can’t promise it, but we’ll see if people are again able to help us.

The popular gifts appear to be dolls with hair (remember our kids have shaved heads), scarves (Rebecca, you set the tone last year!) and toys with remotes (Christine you started a trend)

I wish I could make a video of this process because it is so noisy and crazy that you simply need to be here to get it.

We also did several “adventures”. The kids are starting to get the idea of the word. You simply leave the house and go someplace you have never been in order to try to see what fun will come of it. I have a rule that it always has to include something new. We can start in the same direction, but we must make a new turn at one point. This process has yielded great benefits. We found an open field for the kids to play soccer (aka football) in amidst some cows and foot traffic of the local people. We found an area that is used to cut big logs that we can use as a volley ball net. And the best of all, when we climbed to a high place we found a beautiful stream below that has served for two days of great fun splashing and just being goofy kids.

In the process of fun, one of Esther’s flip flops floated away along with our new Frisbee. The kids all freaked but I told them that it would bless someone else downstream and they liked that idea. Hopefully someone will understand the idea of a Frisbee or it will serve as someone’s plate!

The kids were all supportive of Esther as each lent her a shoe on our way back trading out every little bit so someone was always walking without a shoe! They proactively each offered to help.

One of the DVD’s I brought was Chimpmucks – the sequel. In it is the song “all the single ladies” . The older girls love the song and have started to work on a routine with it. They do it everywhere, from the stream to walking the hills to the front yard. It cracks me up big time.

We got a lot of much needed rain yesterday, This almost cancelled our adventure as Issac thought it was too wet for the kids to play. We had wanted to go to the stadium – not sure what that is, but they say it close, to play soccer, but Isaac and Sande said they would sink to their knees if we did.

Eventually I coaxed them into the local adventure knowing it would be a bit muddy, but we would be fine. It was, after all, my last day. The stream was on the hit list so we tried a different way to reach it which involved crossing a few muddy terrains. Well, not so much muddy in the traditional sense as it was slippery dirt. They quickly got the concept of creating human chains to help us all cross! It worked brilliantly and the giggles continued. It’s especially meaningful when I can get the older boys Isaac and Sande to turn into giggling kids as they are often so serious.

I LOVE LOVE our new city where we will be raising the kids. While I don’t know that area like I do Kigali and Kicukiro where we have lived the past 6 years, this place seems simple and lovely.

Chantal created a special opportunity for the older kids who did not get to go to Kibeho stay overnight at Chantal and Mbandas. She also included anyone that was 1, 2 or 3 in the class as another special reward. We want the kids to excel in school as we believe it is the way out of poverty so having small rewards like this is another encouragement.

Since they have wifi we were finally able to skype with people. Some were scheduled, some were just random dials when the kids saw they were “green” on skype – meaning they were online.

So sorry for not being able to connect with more sponsors this trip, but it was so short and I didn’t have working Internet for most of it. We’ll be sure to make it happen during Christmas.

Perhaps the most important adventure for me of the day was seeing our new house under construction. For those of you who are new to the our journey, we have made a change in the last few months.

We moved sold the 3 homes the kids had been living in for the past 6 years, bought some property near the boarding school that they kids attend and have started construction of a single home for them to live.

While we loved the idea of 1 home per 10 kids, each with their own Mom, it is outside of our current financial situation. One home will be more cost efficient and importantly the piece of land we have will allow us to be more self sustaining. We hope to grow all our own vegetables, have chickens and rabbits for food and have our cows nearby for milk. The vision is wonderful. Now we simply need to raise the money to make it happen.

We have made great progress on the house, but need the funds to finish it.
If we can raise $48,000 more, we could be in the house by Christmas. Additionally we need $17,000 more for operating cost through the end of the year. Yes, these are big numbers and I have not idea from where the money will come, but I believe that by being transparent with you about our needs someone somewhere will know someone who can help. Every $ matter, so if you are even able to give $10, please do. I know that sometimes people think they need to give a lot to make a different, but I do mean it. $10-$25 will matter.

This home will be for our kids they place that will we know as home for their lives. It will be filled will love and we will help them meet their God given potential. We will be the hands if you can be the part of the support system to allow us to meet the kids of this wonderful children.

As is our new tradition, anyone who is 1,2 or 3 in their class gets to go to a real restaurant and with me and be celebrated for their accomplishments. In April Harvin and I took Grace and Alice. This time, they were joined by Dorcus, Caria and Ariene who are in preschool. They were so excited to do something previously reserved for the big kids. We went to a pizza place and celebrated and talked their success.

I asked by good grades are so important. Grace said “it is because we want a good future!” Yes, indeed sweet one. You got it! Thanks to all their school sponsors they will indeed have their best shot.

This is the first trip where Dorcus, Ariene and Caria have spoken a little English. Dorcus is really really starting to understand a lot, despite how much English she speaks. It been amazing to see her go from a baby to this wonderful pre-schooler.

The final drive.
Chantal agreed that the 4 oldest kids could drive with me to the airport. It used to be 20 mins away but now I need to leave 3+ hours earlier. I reminded the kids that it is a long drive and told them they didn’t need to come. Isaac said “no one will refuse you, because we all like to go places in the car!” It’s true, their lives are focused at New Hope Homes, school and Chantal & Mbanda’s so if they get to see anything else, its such a treat.

Exits are hard. I usually have to fight back the tears for the kids and work extra hard to keep it together and fun for them as they feed off our emotions. This trip, for some reason was a bit easier. I think it because it was so fast and the kids knew it would be so they were just thankful for our time together. Usually they start withdrawing the last day as they start protecting their little hearts from another goodbye. The combination of the hike and playing in the water prevented that from happening this time. It’s hard to be sad and withdrawn when you are playing in the water!!!

The next little trick is ice cream! About 30 mins before I have to leave, we put the kids in groups of 3 and put a small container of icecream in front of the little kids and away we go! Laughter, giggles and good fun. As the eating came to a close I ran around to each of them and hugged them telling them I loved them and would be back at Christmas. People that have been part of this in the past will be very surprised to know I did it well for the first time. Only a few moments of tears well hidden and then off to the car with Isaac, Fabiola, MarieRose and Sande.

The windy roads in the dark make for quite a drive as our driver works to avoid so many people on foot. We talked a bit and slept a bit. They of course wanted to have the ipad so they could play with my fifa app that they love. I made the wait until we got just outside of Kigali as I didn’t want anyone to throw up in Chantal’s car. We stopped by Abrahams to get a frame for my painting and he gifted me with a beautiful scarf that matched my Rwanda dress! Thanks Abraham, I wish we had more time together.

Getting to town plenty early, we had time for a burger and fries at Mr Chips. It a tiny burger place that opened a year ago and had been my favorite place by our old house so it was fun to drop by.

As we waited for dinner the kids noses were down in the ipad having the time of their lives, so I just let them be. I did however, keep giving them grief about how much I was enjoying our quality time together! NOT!!! They looked up, laughed to ensure I was kidding and then back to the match. When dinner arrived their play time ended. I look forward to sitting across the table from these kids when they are 20 and 30 years old to see where life’s journey takes them.

On the drive to the aiport they wanted to know everything that I do with the planes after I say goodbye. So I gave them very detailed info about the security, checking bags, passport control, connections etc etc including getting home Thursday night and going back to work on Friday morning. Phew. They got it. They got it so well they said…”wait…you do not have time to relax when you go back, you go back to work right away?” “Yes, we need to raise money and me working is part of making that happen.” They said I needed a job where I could come live with them for 2 years. I told them I have a great job with a great boss who lets me come see them 3 times a year. That is a very special place for me to work as not many companies anywhere in the world would let that happen. They understood.

Arriving at the airport they said they were all going to cry. I made them stop by saying “ya ya, you’re crying because the ipad it leaving not me!” They thought was was pretty funny. In a remarkable turn, Isaac actually walked me to the door of the airport with the other kids. He always finds a way to suddenly disappear and stay in the car so he can cry privately, but this time he made it all the way. You have no idea what a break through this is for us. I hugged and kissed each one of them, telling them I loved them until they couldn’t take it anymore. Then gave them one from Harvin as the kids are so excited to see him at Christmas.

They walked away and I went to stand in line to begin my return back to my other life…


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