Friday, August 03, 2012



Due to work needs, this will be my quickest trip in the 6 years I have been coming to Rwanda. I have 5 ¾ days with the kids. It breaks my heart just typing that. Such a short short time. But I’m thankful that I could even get this much with the kids given all that is on my plate.

My goal is to try to take this trip in slow motion. Yes, slowwww. Try to soak in every moment while I try to get through the many tasks on my plate.
1. Be present to each child and see how they are doing. Love em, hug em, laugh with them and simply carry all your love with me in my arms and wrap them around each and every child.
2. Check on Desami’s progress with the walker.
3. Get a feel for how everyone is doing in their new surroundings as we moved the kids nearly 2 hours away from where some have been living for all 6 years. We did this to get them closer to Chantal and to build a new home for all of the kids.
4. Get a handle on our budget. We need $48,000 more to finish the home that we just broke ground on. This plus our regular operating budget.
5. Make a plan for our new playground for the kids in their new home. We have donor who wants to build a basketball court to accommodate the net and backboard I brought. They also want to put in a swing set play area. What a blessing! I need to get a handle on costs so the donor can start raising funds.
6. Get everyone’s sizes updated. This is a full day job. Truly. You can’t imagine how much time this takes to assess shoes, and clothes sizes. I am secretly hoping to wait until Abby comes to help.
7. Get updated pics of everyone
8. See what small special little present they might want for Christmas so Harvin and I can start spreading the word.
9. Connect with Chantal and Mbanda on the other hopes and dreams they have for the people of Rwanda.
10. Skpe with donors and friends of the kids.

Most of all it is about being thankful for the blessings of the people of Rwanda, especially Chantal & Mbanda and the kids of New Hope Homes.

Thanks again for following along on this journey.

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