Saturday, July 31, 2010

Notes to Donna from the kids :)

Hello everyone! Apologies for the lack of updates this week…. More are coming soon! In the meantime, Innocent, Isaac and Sande typed messages to Ms. Donna. (Nothing is edited!):

Hi Iam Innocent God bless you


Hi it is me Isaac, Innocent and Lionel we missed you so much.

Sarah and Abby are helping us and we are happy with them.

Please Donna may you come back we missed you so much and we love you so much.

Last evening when you were going to go back in Minesota in the morning we laughed so much because of what you showed us


To Donna.

HI am sande

HI Donna how are you now we want to skype with you we are praying For you that GOD can bless you so you can came on Christmas day. GOD you so much. Say harry to every body and Imissed you so much. You tell Krsten that we missed her so!!!!much and we want to skype with her. And tell Ian that I love hem so!!!?? Much and I am praying hem and GOD bless you so much!!?

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