Thursday, April 05, 2007

Laughing until it hurts.

I awoke to singing and laughing in the home. The kids wake up early. There really isn’t much to do. They have 2 balls in the home, a couple of stuffed bears and a rattle so you make the best of it all. I play catch with the boys non stop. The boys are toooooo funny. Renere constantly corrects me to make sure I am pronouncing his name properly. When he throws the ball to me he fakes like he is going to throw it to Zach but then throws it to me EVERY TIME. He thinks it’s faking it well and rolls his eyes and makes a face like …you never know…this time I might not throw it to you Miss Donna…but then it come sailing across. I brought the boys over to the 1st home to play this morning. It was great having the kids together. But then it’s easy to run out of things to do there too. Throw a ball, sing the abc’s, count to 10, mirror funny body positions that I make….then what? Frankly their favorite thing is to dogpile on me and fight for position closest to my heart. I usually have 5 or 6 that have some how managed to get into my lap. They simply want to be hugged and loved. Yes, it is a universal need. They also like to dance. Someone donated money for a swing set and merry go round. It’s quite raw in its presentation but it does the trick. The only thing is that it’s made of metal and it’s super hot in the sun. They want to get on it, knowing it’s hot yet let out a little scream until they find a position to make it work. They have also turned into true brothers and sisters in a year so they poke a little, swipe things a little and nag a little so the tears flow a bit more freely. Ahh, true brotherly and sisterly love. We got a call later that afternoon that Chantal had returned to town so we all piled in a big bus that the visitors had rented and off we went to meet everyone. 15 kids and me bouncing along the bumpy road. Outta time for now… not sure when I can get back on line but until then, simply know that all is well.

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