Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Joys and Sorrow.

The morning started like a ray of pure sunshine. I have the joy of walking our 7 pre-schoolers to school today. It’s about a 30-40 min walk with their little tiny legs. They look so dang cute in their uniforms. You could just hug each one and never ever let go. As we walked up and down the dirt roads the kids were so happy to have me with them as they know I would usually be with the bigs kids. As other kids came to follow our pied piper line our kids kept fending off the others to take my hand as I was theirs (indeed I am!).

We arrived a school to find about 500 kids starting in straight lines getting ready for school. The teachers recognized me from the church the kids attend an came to greet me. I had know idea it would be these fine women. You will absolutely love the video I shot when I can upload it in the states. The head teacher was AMAZING with the kids. Getting them to respond in English to so many things. They danced ,they praised God, they did their ABC’s. Everything had a lead and echo response.

I had two favorite songs. One talked about “I am a doctor…because of a good education, I am nurse…because of a good education, I am policeman…because of a good education. Each job had a action pose. The second was so simple, but so uplifting “ I AM THE BEST OF AFRICA”. Oh may it be so. May these simple people grow to make a difference.

The classrooms were beyond packed. About 100 kids per room based on my count. They kids had simple benches, no desks but a small chalk board in the front. The joy of learning was so present.

On my way home I stopped by to see the Mayor’s assistant again. My daily routine.

I then spent hours looking for Mwani’s Doctor’s number. He had given it to me for a private consult if needed. We had looked through all the paperwork he provided but couldn’t find it. So today I dug through ever receipt I had and viola…found it. He agreed to meet us at 2 pm when he arrived for the afternoon.

That gave me enough time to pick up the kids from school and get my wash done before we had to leave. The kids were not expecting me on the return trip and I was delighted to see the joy in their eyes. I visited each classroom of our kids just before they exited at noon. The return trip was too funny. All the kids wanted to walk with the moozongoo and the teachers had to ensure only our kids left with us! Then those that shared the road with us wanted to share my hands which were already full with 3 of ours. One get thumb and one gets pinky on each hand. Dorcus was pulling on my arm so badly I thought I was literally going to have to drag her up the hill as she wanted to ensure no one got any finger on the hand she was holding. My back aches from her strength! But it was luv so it’s all good.

Mwani and Auntie Jaki arrived to head back to the hospital. I love knowing more and more parts of this country and key locations. Working your way through the hospital is challenging trying to find the right rooms. Each procedure needs to be prepaid. So you go to the area that is required. Then go pay. Then go back to show them you have paid. Then you meet. Patience Patience Patience…the key words here.

The Doc decided that Mwani would need to have surgery. It’s a simple one but he needs to go under General. The abscess is not improving and he needs to open it up and get it cleaned out. We then had to get blood drawn for pre- surgery evaluation. All I could think about was Rebecca’s scream when we took her to the doc in the market. But would you believe it that this sweet boy never cried. He even got brave enough to look at the needle as they filled the second vial.

Then to pre-admissions to meet with the anesthesiologist. After a long long wait they said he could meet with us tomorrow morning.

Mwami will need to arrive by 8 am then surgery will be at 4. Hopefully he will be able to go home this weekend.

I wish you could know what a sweet little boy this is. Holly joined me on my last trip in December and fell in love with him. Her heart aches not to be her with us as he goes through this surgery. He is funny. He is fascinated with the way things work and loves balls.

The early afternoon evening was spent just playing with the kids. It’s such a treat to have time with them while the big kids are at school.

Our two newest girls-each about 1.5 years have fit right in. Many of you may have seen the photo that Chantal posted when they arrived. They looked so scared. Today they fit right in. The are generally at the center of everything. The older kids really look out for them and give them lots of extra hugs.

Speaking of extra hugs. We surely could use yours. When are you coming?

So we ask for special prayer for Mwani tomorrow. I really like his doctor. He seems we educated and is very gentle with Mwani.

Oh…and PS. Apparently the Mayor decided to sign the extra paper for me that he declined yesterday. That requires meeting him. His assistant and I have a plan to have be there waiting when he walks in tomorrow. If I miss that window it will have to be on my next trip as he has the Parliament coming in tomorrow and eventually a full calendar before I leave. It would be amazing to finally get the chance to meet him.

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