Friday, April 15, 2011


4.15.11 Note to self. When traveling solo to Rwanda with 12 bags. Be prepared for a long long long time negotiating with customs to let all the bags enter the country. 2+ hours to be exact. And, it was only that quick because I convinced them to let me call Chantal. In the end, all worked itself out. 9 of the 12 bags made this flight. The remaining three are hopefully arriving tomorrow. Breathing in the Kigali air, I know that I am home. It is a natural transition for me. I arrived while the kids were still at the 2nd/3rd house so the boys were surprised to find me here when they arrived home. It was a wonderful reunion with Sande, Isaac, Innocent and Lionel. They have each gotten taller since I was here in December with Holly. I let them open one of the bags. Yes, you guessed, it they chose the soccer rebounder net. They can hardly wait to put it together in the morning. I am grateful to my colleagues who let me step away for a bit and to so many of you that let me fill these bags with your love. I get the easy part…bringing them. You do the hard work of finding just the right things to bring. Skyping tomorrow morning EST/CST about 8-9ish. We’ll be logged into skype and await your request. Shoot me a note on fbook or skype if you want to be part of the fun.

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