Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fun day skyping with kids all around the world.

Tonight we have Isaac, Sande, Fabiola, Innocent, Lionel, Anastacia, Grace, Marie Rose and Esther here to help recap the day.

We started at church. A new church just down the road because the one they usally go to moved. We aren’t sure where it moved to but maybe some day we will learn the answer. And so it goes in Rwanda.

Then lunchtime.

Then fun fun fun fun fun. We skyped with lots of people that we know and some that the kids just got to meet. Holly who was here in December was greeted warmly with lots of questions most of which involved when will she return? Liles was here a year ago January and he is currently in Botswana doing his Peace Corp training, so he was quite surprised when we rang him on skype. We also got to talk to Bryn again. Bryn’s family and friends are sponsoring Grace at school. Bryn’s little brother Beckett dance for us. Then we met some new people. Zoe and Tom Cass. They told us all about skiing. The kids are still trying to get the concept straight in their minds. They really enjoyed meeting Zoe and Tom and asked each other lots of questions. Leon Morris was quite entertaining and asked lots of questions. The kid LOVE talking to other kids. I think they could talk a long time. They especially liked Leon because he supports Chelsea soccer such most of the kids (except Fabiole and Lionel who support the Arsenals.)! We also woke up Alex who was quite funny and then she brought in her Mom, Dad and Brother. Emerson was trying to explain skate boarding…hard concept, but they thought he was cool too. We enjoyed talking to the Knight family in England too. John showed us all kinds of interesting electronics and his sister Elisabeth showed us her pretty doll. What fun.

The rain came 2- 3 times today as it is the rainy season.

Evening extra fun as all of the kids listed at top get to stay in the house with me. However, the appears to be tooooo tired to plan now. Go figure.

Tomorrow I am going with Chantal to continue my process for citizenship. Who knows what will come of that.

Today the only disappointment was opening 1 of the 3 bags we picked up last night. It was missing a lock and thus some items. The most important of which was 2 proper things to measure feet. I invested nearly $75 each so we could properly measure the size of the kids and adults feet. Can you hear me say grrrrrrrr. Come on, did they really need to take that.

Lastly we ask for prayer for Mwami who has a face that is swollen quite badly. He went to the Doctor a couple of days ago and they say the swelling is actually down but it seems really large to me and we are concerned about his fever. One of the Aunties will take him to the Doctor 1st thing in the AM. It looks like mumps on one side, but I have never seen any mumps that look like this.

That is the report for the day. The kids send their love and thanks. As do I.

As we were doing this post we talking to Sasha in Canada and learned that the outcome of the Arsnel and Liverpool game was a tie. Which they thought was GOOD NEWS!

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