Sunday, December 30, 2012

Kristen, Ian, Matt and Kate are here!

  Ok, just prior to that arrival… back up for a tiny bit...

  I arose early and walked the grounds of the Cana center prior to our departure at 6:15.  It was a beautiful crisp morning as hillsides slowly awoke.  It is so peaceful in Kibeho. A time to simply be still.  And yes, well all know I need more of that so I savored the time.

  Harvin and I left Kibeho at 6:15 as the sun had just peaked over the distant mountains. The colors were breathtaking as they spread their array of yellows, pinks and reds across the hillside breaking through the dense fog as it danced across the sky.

  Morning is my favorite time to be out and about. People are out and about with the business of their day.  Yellow jerry (water) can are everywhere as people head out to replenish the water they need for the days. Goats walking along the side of the road with small boys who tend them.  Everything is atop the head. Fruit, pots, grass for cattle, etc etc. If you can carry it, it’s best on the head.

  We zipped back to Kigai in perfect time to pick up Kristen Cavallo and her husband Ian, their son Matt  (15) and daughter Kate (8).  It required 2 vehicles to get us back, but was about an hour or so late so we enjoy the flexibility that is Rwanda and simply enjoyed each others company and grabbed a bite.

  Eventually we were ready to rock and stopped by Abrahams for some gifts and the bakery for some bread for Chantal.

  Kristen and the kids road with me, Ian and Harvin took the van.  The ride from Kigali to Musanze is extremely windy with deep cliffs on the side of the road.  The drivers dash in and out around the people, animals and trucks. Kate wasn’t digging the fast speed so we talk her to say Slow in Rwanda.  Whenever she got scared, she would simply say boo-whore-row, boo-whore-row to ask Innocent to slow. He was quite sweet with her.

  Arriving at Chantal and Mbanda we were greeted by some lovely new friends and enjoyed a wonderful feast.  While we were absolutely enjoying the fantastic company and food we were all anxious to see the kids.

  Harvin drove us to the gate. Ian got out and went in.  He stood in the front  with a football (soccer ball)  and just tossed it in the air.  The kids came out and just looked at him to greet him but weren’t sure who it was. Sande was one of the 1st.  He and Ian are great friends but only have been able to skype.  Sande looked at him and said,  “Ian?”  “Yes!” was Ian’s reply and the hugs began, The rest of us got out of the van and greeted everyone.

We sat in a circle to do introductions.  Once the formality was done, the fun began, Kristen lead a dance party with Harvin.  Ian started a makeshift football match on the stoop while Matt was at the bottom of a dogpile of kids who wanted to be close to him. Kate learned a bunch of new games with hands and feet.

  Then people naturally switch positions. It was so wonderful have more arms to hold more of our kids.

  After lots of play time Ian asked if we could go for walk.  We aske Mama if we could take everyone for a short walk. Usually we take the big kids and go on longer walks, but we wanted today to be special so we could take everyone. Today’s intense rainstorm left our dirt road slippery and full of puddles. Yes, any kids dream.  We went down the road, down an embankment, across the field and up a road. As dusk was approaching we reversed our route and headed back.

  Is I trailed behind taking pics, I tried to present to the gift of Harvin and Kristen and Ian’s family to these kids. A most remarkable moment.

On  ce home we began to re-sort all the Christmas Presents so we could ensure we are ready for tomorrow. Yes…New Years Eve will be our Christmas. To make it even more special Abby will be with us!  Yeah!!!

  Dinner around the Mbanda table is always filled with love and tonight was no exception.

  We snuggle in for the night and cherish the opportunity for another sweet day tomorrow. Matt and Kate are such a blessing to all of us.

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