Friday, December 30, 2011

Harv is in the House!

The day started with a visit from Mommy and Auntie Erica. They kids were so happy to see them again having spent Christmas with them a few days back.

Erica and I then ran some errands and ended up running into the Mbanda Brothers. as you will see in the pic, I’m a bit shorter then them!!!

We then connected up with Abby and started our planning for Christmas – which will be tomorrow!!!! YEAH.

Harv arrived with the last round of bags so we are ready to rock. Abby taught school again and I spent the night cuddling with each of our little kids for 10-15 mins at time. I sat in the chair and one by one they came for their quality time. Sweet precious time.

A special part of our day was skyping with Tina and Kristen & Ian. They know the kids so well now that is makes for easy silly chatting.

Tonight Harv arrived so the kids…especially the boys are super excited. I can tell he is already a natural. He has a cool iphone app that shows the constellations in the sky. It was a perfect lesson after we learned about the planets yesterday.

A short report tonight as tomorrow is Christmas and we have much to do!

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