Friday, March 30, 2007

Supplies are set. Looking for donations to have some clothes made.

Thanks to all of the people that donated supplies for this trip. The response has been terrific. My friend and neighbor Danette spent the evening helping me prioritize and pack. We are only allowed 50 lbs per bag, so it's tough making decisions. We prioritized medicine first. Then clothes for the new kids that have home to the second home with only the clothes on their backs. The great news is 2 wonderful young ladies are going to spend the month of July helping so we know we'll be able to get the supplies there in a short period of time. We also have a plan to bless the staff that works so hard. Each have about 2 pair of clothes. We have 2 mommies, 5 aunties and 2 uncles so to speak. Our plan is to raise enough money to have a tailored outfit made for each of them for Easter. Thus far we have raised $140. If you care help, please let me know and I will cover your IOU> Chantal's uncle passed away yesterday, so please keep then in your prayers.

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