Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday is a beautiful day in Rwanda

A day to just be

Donna here. Sunday in Rwanda is a long and wonderful day to just be. It’s church day so the kids come greet us around 9:30 or 10 to begin the long walk to church. It’s like the pied piper of adventures. 20+ kids, 1 mommy and DJ/Holly/Donna. Yes, the stares are ever present as our parade down the hill, across from the market and down the dirt roads. But they see that the kids are having fun with us to most turn as smile as we greet them with a “malaraho” – hello.

Each of the three of us had about 4 kids holding our hands and enjoying the journey.

The kids are angels at church. They stand and dance and sing with the choir begins. The praise portion lasts about and hour so from the total time at church is over 4 hours. They also get a chance to have a Sunday school for the kids so off they go to back into a small space to have lessons just for them.

As the service ended the rain began to pour down. It’s rainy season here so when it rains it really rains. (And apparently when it snows it really snows in Mn!)

Eventually the van came to pick us up as I don’t think Mama wanted to deal with that many kids full of mud and wet clothes.

Holly and DJ then set off to experience one or two of the genocide museums. It is sure to be an adventure as the driver doesn’t speak English and didn’t quite seem to have a sense of where he is going. It’s nearly 9 pm and we expect them home soon. When they return I know they will be emotionally drained. When u really soak in the genocide here it leaves you completely empty and numb inside. It takes a couple of days to come back to your former being.

When they were gone the kids and I skyped with many friends. The kids love talking with kids from all over the world. They are getting quite good at it and ask lots of questions. Today we got to hear Matthew Rice play his guitar for us again and the kids loved it.

We also used the wonderful watercolors and brushes that Ben Fruehoff sent our kids. They made beautiful pieces of art. I will post them when I return.

Last we brought the projector to the 2nd/3rd house compound and showed Stuart Little. EVERYONE young and old watched it. The adults who don’t speak any English loved it. They laughed and discussed the movie throughout. It was fun just watching them watch it.

We send our love and thank you for sharing in our journey.

The upcoming days will have us go to Kibeho – about a 4 hour trip each way. Then Chantal and Mbandas – about 2.5 hours away for an overnight. I hate being away from the kids but we are trying to get some wonderful video for DJ so it is a must. We also want to get some soccer balls distributed for MaryKate and Charlie’s Big Ball Project.

The days are long and full of love. Being here feels like home. My forever home.


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