Friday, December 10, 2010

Loving Africa

Holly here from Rwanda! We had our first full day today and all the crew made it safely in – myself, DJ and Donna. I got in the night before and got to spend a few hours over dinner before bed with the kids. They welcomed me immediately with big hugs! Donna and DJ got in at 3am last night (sans luggage) and arose at 6:30am when the kids awoke eager to welcome them. Lots of big hugs for them, especially their great love, Miss Donna!

We had a chance to meet all the children and watch them in action in the classroom as they practiced their English and Math. I was astounded at how smart they are. BRILLIANT! And the most well behaved kids I have ever been around. They are eager to learn and have so much love for each other and anyone they meet and get the chance to spend time with.

Donna arranged for us to also spend some time with the founder and Director, Chantal. Donna treated myself, Chantal and DJ to lunch in town. And everyone who knows Africa well was right—some of the best coffee I’ve ever tasted! It was such a pleasure to spend the day with Chantal and listen to her speak so modestly about her life and her work. A true inspiration that I will never forget….and hope to spend more time with. We got to meet her husband briefly too, the great Bishop of Rwanda. I felt special just being in his presence and in his prayers. He and Chantal are doing incredible things that Donna will go on about later I’m sure. They are wonderful people making a difference in the lives of so many all over the world.

Now we are preparing for Christmas tomorrow with the kids --all 27 kids have been given a gift by a sponsor back in the USA. Donna, DJ and myself have been working in Santa’s workshop preparing all the presents for a special day tomorrow of praise, presents and lunch. We will send pictures tomorrow of all the kids with their presents and look forward to lighting up their day!

Until tomorrow…..

Loving Africa,


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