Monday, August 06, 2012

The adventure continues.

Morning service at Bishop Mbanda’s church. As usual the visitors need to stand and be introduced and welcomed. Chantal made me stand and be welcomed. She then had to go forward and explain who I was to the congregation.

In Kinyrawranda she told them my story and love for Rwanda and the orphans. She told them that they need to know that “I am one of them.” They needed to get to know me as I would be around a lot more than before as the kids now live in Musanze.

That’s one of the best intros I have received. “I am one of them”. Love it.

After church 6 of the kids: Sande, Kayitsi, Innocent, Grace, Lionel and Marie Rose said goodbye to the others as our bus arrived for transport to Kibeho. Our rattly old 1972 van no longer can be trusted to do errands beyond Musanze so I chartered a van and driver. I laughed as it arrived given that it made our bus look like a new Cadillac! Truly.

We trusted the good Lord to get us there, so off we went.

5 mins into the drive, our driver Forstine pulled into a garage and asked that we get our spare fixed. Good planning.

We also got “chemicals” as they call them for the kids. Pills to help them not throw up in the car as it is a windy road that stretches for at least 6 hours.
This of course meant they all slept the 2 hour drive to Kigali.

We agreed to meet Abby at the airport as the box containing our 4 donated laptops had arrived. I forged through the piles of luggage that was stored in the various rooms to no avail. Just when I was about to turn into a NYer insisting that they find the bag, I discovered it in a far away storage room. Hmm, I wonder how many things disappear there?

Abby arrived shortly thereafter and the kids were overjoyed to see her. She’s been in the states for 2 months living. She was equally happy to wrap her arms around them.

We journeyed onward to Kibeho sleeping, talking, playing the “I am thinking of something” game etc etc. Time passed rather quickly. Well as quickly as it can with the roads, bumps, twists and turns.

As we turned off the main road to the final 1 hour dirt road drive to Kibeho we had a blowout. We were so thankful it happened that close to town. A lovely man help us create a lift with some rocks and got it changed pretty darn quickly. Thankfully we got the spare fixed 5 hours earlier! Off to Butare to get it repaired.
The kids, while being sweet, clearly acknowledged they were getting hungry to we again added to our grocery supply. Buture is a University town so we were able to get a few good things for the journey.

Arriving in Kibeho we went to Nathalie’s front door and knocked. No reply. Then to back door. The guard sent word in that we were there and a quick reply came to come to the front door.

We had a quick hello and made plans for English lessons tomorrow at 9:30. We tried to call my Mom and Dad to say hello, but Dad was at Mass so we agreed to wake them up the next day at 5:30 AM! (Ya, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!)

Dinner at Cana Center was delicious. Rice, potatoes, a little bit of meat and tea. The kids were giddy and said they didn’t want to leave the next day. We were thankful that we were the only ones in the center that sleeps 82!

Some played after dinner Ping Pong, Kayitesi hung with me. MarieRose grace traded off hanging with Abby to play card and visiting me as I was setting up all my electronics for charging and gabbing with Kayitesi.

It’s a very good life

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