Sunday, April 01, 2012

Heading Back to Rwanda this Friday

I can't wait to see the kids. Being away from them is so hard, but am thankful that Abby visits often so we get a chance to speak alot more now...but nothing is the same as physically being there. We have 10 supply bags nearly packed - so I send my deepest thanks to so many of you who are again helping making things wonderful for our kids. An Extra special treat for the kids is Harvin is coming back. He told the kids that if they prayed for a great job for him, that he would be back. Well, the Good Lord heard their prayers and he now has a terrific job at Starcom in Chicago and his new employers were gracious enough to let him travel. He said that the first thought in his head when he accepted the job was "I get to see the kids". Chantal agreed that he should be a surprise for them, so right now, they think it is only me. Woot, this should be fun! The trip is a bittersweet time as it is aligns with the joys of Easter but also the anniversary of the genocide. Please send us your love and prayers that we know how to minister to this sweet children and our caretakers during this trip.

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