Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Love is in the air

Got to bed by 11 pm last night so I got a great night sleep before the house got rocking at 6:30 am.

The girls decided they would help me with the wash. I feel like Tom Sawyer, but they really do like it. It’s always a great time for chat and songs. I continue to work on my Kinyrawranda so it’s nice having a captive audience to teach me. It’s a tonal language so while I may have the sounds right, the tone and volume of them are often wrong and creates much humor for them. It’s hard! Their favorite thing is when I try and try and still get it wrong that I finally motion like “I’ve got it”. Then they lean in to listen…….suddenly I make up a lot of mumble jumble and always add pancakes. They laugh and laugh…”missy donna, why do you always say pancakes?”. They like pancakes and they think it is a funny word, so I like to entertain them.

The rest of the day was spent in love and love with lots of arms wrapped around me and me around! The love here is present. If ever you are down, know that time spent with the kids of New Hope Homes will make all the difference in the world. They are so real. So pure of spirit.

Chantal came and took 6 of the kids with the best grades at Sonrise School to be able to join her for an overnight at her house. She really works to ensure the kids understand how important education and good grades are to their success. This treat reinforces it.

Tantinay (Auntie) Jaki again spent time with the kids teaching them songs tonight and playing with them. Her love and inspiration for this kids knows no bounds.

I am grateful that while this work is so hard, they know that they are serving a heavenly purpose as this is surely a higher calling.

Abby came for another visit today. The kids LOVE when she comes by. They ask every day if she is coming as they now know she lives here so their expectations are higher!

Abby and I decided to go for a drink while the kids were at dinner. We found a place just a few places down from New Hope Homes a couple of years ago and like to go for a visit. Alas they had closed so we walked to the market to check out a place I had spotted yesterday. We each enjoyed a nice glass of wine and wonderful conversation. I am so excited about what her life will be here.

We walked down to get her a moto home.

We hugged goodbye and I began my journey home. Only in here in Kicukiro would I be greeted by 2 friends on my way home. As I walking in the dark up the road, a man on a moto came by and yelled my name. I turned to find one of our former Uncles on a moto. It was so good to see him. Moment later the man from the market who makes skirts for me was walking home and greeted me. I LOVE being a part of this community. I wish my time here each trip could be longer but I am grateful to my co-workers at Aegis Media who allow me to make 3 trips per year.

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